About Us

At Norsh Petfoods we pride ourselves on our all-natural raw freeze-dried treats. With human grade meat & fish and with quick frozen fruit & vegetables going into our products, then undergoing a gentle freeze dried preservation method, your pets’ are getting a high-quality nutritious treat!

Our dog and cat treats are made in small batches by hand ensuring the care is given to making them just right.

We believe being able to see what is in the products you feed your pets makes a big difference. That is why with our Raw Chicken with Fruits and Vegetable treats you can see the different fruits and vegetables! Our Raw Salmon Skin Twirls are 100% Atlantic Salmon – nothing else! Best of all, both dogs and cats love them!

Our packaging is environmentally friendly! Our pouches are 100% compostable, they should still be disposed of in your household bin but will naturally degrade. All our packaging boxes are 100% recyclable! Our smaller postage boxes are 100% recyclable, 100% Biodegradable and 100% Sustainable!

We have ventured into freeze-dried pet treats to offer you and your dog or cat the luxurious choice! Ideal for both cats and dogs (including for training). These tasty treats Norsh down in no time. Check out our social media pages for more customer reviews…