WHY Raw?

Now that you know exactly what freeze drying is and how the process works, let's look into why raw? What are the benefits of this over any alternatives in making our delicious treats?

  1. Feeding raw petfood is believed to more highly digestible.

    Dogs and cats may break down raw petfood more easily in the gut, allowing for more absorption of nutrients and proteins while also being gentler on their stomach.

  2. More Pick-upable Poos

    With only high quality ingredients going in, there may be less coming out, more of the petfood may absorbed and utilised by the body.

  3. Premium ingredients!

    As with all raw meat/fish bacteria can be present, to help eliminate this risk manufactures use only high quality premium ingredients, meaning pets fed raw diets can get the very best!

  4. Supporting a healthy shiny coat with Natural oils and fats

    The natural uncooked oils and fats from meat and fish can contribute towards maintaining a dog and cats health skin and coat.

So, what's not to love? If your pet hasn't already tried our 100% natural treats, check out our store and get yours now!

Norsh Team

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