Why does my dog eat grass?

It has long been the belief that if your dog is eating grass, they’re feeling under the weather and that they’re attempting to make themselves sick to perhaps empty their tummy of something they have eaten which is not agreeing with them.

Others believe that eating grass is a sign that your dog is not getting the nutrients it needs to thrive from the current food it is being fed.

dog eating bowl nutrients

However, many studies have been carried out on this specific behaviour and there is very little evidence to prove that either of the above is the case! Realistically, it’s actually much more likely that they’re munching on your lawn because they like the taste! Especially in spring/summer when it’s thriving.

This behaviour is not one to be concerned about as long as your pooch is protected from lungworm and indeed the grass that they’re chowing down on has not been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides.

It may also be that your canine is simply occupying their time! In which case, it is important to occupy their brains through regular exercise and stimulating playtime and toys!

dog bored stimulation

That said, you should seek advice from your vet if your pet exhibits other behaviours alongside. For example:

  • your dog is eating grass but not their normal food
  • the grass eating becomes excessive
  • your dog is repeatedly eating grass and vomiting up over a period of a few hours

If you are confused about what could be potentially harmful for your dog to eat, you can find out more information here.

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