What is Freeze Drying?

You may have heard of freeze drying and the benefits it may bring to your pet but do you know the actual process our lovely Salmon and Chicken treats go through to create the natural nourishment that Norsh brings to your beloved cats and dogs?

Surprisingly, it's not as complicated as it sounds!

  1. Firstly, we take all of our raw ingredients, mix them, shape them or roll them. They're then frozen to below -20°C.

  2. Our treats are then placed in a chamber which draws moisture gently and slowly out of them. How? By turning frozen water in the product straight to water vapour (gas) without becoming liquid first in a process called sublimation. The water vapour is drawn away from the product and captured (condensed) in a different location. The result = dry treats for your pets to enjoy! As this process occurs without high heat – products remain raw.

  3. The freeze dried treats are then packaged in compostable re-sealable pouches to stop moisture from re-entering the product and to lock in freshness. This also makes the pack shelf-stable, without the need for chilled or frozen storage!

  4. Due to the freeze-drying process nutrients are captured and concentrated, creating a nutrient rich, very tasty treat! The treats also keep their shape, unlike air drying or cooking etc. which can make treats shrivel or go brown.

And there you have it - now you know the story behind how your pets' favourite treats are made :)

Norsh Team


How perfect will have to try for my fur baby x

Susan Cross April 06, 2021

How perfect will have to try for my fur baby x

Susan Cross April 06, 2021

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