Quirky Pet Habits and what they mean

If you have been lucky enough to be a pet parent, you will know some of the strange things your four-legged friend does daily. However, just like human behaviour, their quirky habits can also be explained.

Face Licking

dog licking woman's face

Have you ever been surprised by a loving lick from your pet – or a whole shower? It is their way of saying ‘I Love You’ which means you are doing a great job as a pet parent! You may find that your dog also licks the faces of other animals which means they are trying to communicate with them. Face licking lets others know that they are not a threat and their way of making friends. Similarly, for cats, licking is not just a grooming mechanism but a way of showing affection and normally stems from mothers licking their babies when caring for them.

Hiding Treats and Toys

border beagle eating Norsh salmon Twirls

Our four-legged friends have a survival instinct which often leads to them hiding their favourite toys and Norsh treats; and who could blame them, we wouldn’t want to share our favourite treats either! At least you know your pet considers your bed the safest location in the house! On the other hand, if your pet is a rescue or came from a place where they had to compete with others for resources, they may be very anxious and possessive of their toys. However, this behaviour will often alleviate once your pet feels completely safe in their environment.


brown dog running through a field

Dog zoomies can be an extremely funny sight when your pet suddenly experiences an explosion of energy which is then released in a huge burst of circling and spinning around. It is important to note that this is natural dog behaviour, most commonly occurring in younger pups, however, these episodes can strike dogs of any age. Cats experience this behaviour same way as dogs. Have you ever been awakened by your cat wildly running around the house in the middle of the night - or do I even need to ask? Many cats often get the zoomies after using the litter box and do a victory lap to mark it and make their excitement known. This behaviour in animals is completely normal and should be taken light heartedly. As a pet parent there is nothing better than seeing your four-legged friend so happy!

Giving Gifts

cat preying on mouse

There is no doubt your cat has presented you with an unwanted gift more than once. What was your reaction? Cats are innate hunters which means they are attracted by quick moving objects such as birds or mice. They will then leave their prey at our door as a sign of triumph and a way of teaching you to act likewise. However, while you may not appreciate their gift, it is best not to scold them or even react at all. It is worth noting a lack of reaction may not stop this behaviour. If you want to discourage this behaviour, you should not give your pet treats for them to drop their prey as your cat will recognise this act as a reward and will most likely result in more unexpected gifts.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

black cat looking in wardrobe mirror

If you have ever noticed your pet strangely inspecting a mirror then you should know they do not recognise the reflection as their own. At first, they may seem amused and will even try to fight their reflection in order to get a reaction. However, our four-legged friends do not possess self-awareness and the lack of scent from their reflection only raises suspicion and concern., You will notice that your pet will lose interest once they realise the reflection does not reciprocate in the same way. Soon they will move on to something a little more interesting – like asking for cuddles!

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