How to - Pet-Proof your home

Thinking of getting a pet? Or perhaps you already have one and have very quickly realised your home is not what you might deem as "pet prepped"?

We all know just how curious and sometimes just downright nosey our beloved cats and dogs can be and so, if not only for their own safety, it’s so important for us to make sure that we “pet-proof” our homes.

We’ve pulled together some of the key elements you should take into consideration when attempting this task for each and every single room in your house; not having opposable thumbs most certainly doesn’t stop those cheeky pets opening doors!


  • Use childproof latches to keep pets from getting access to cupboards
  • Place medications, cleaners, chemicals, and laundry supplies on high shelves
  • Keep bins covered or inside a latched cabinet
  • Check for and block any small spaces, nooks, or holes inside cabinets or behind washer/dryer units so that your pet doesn’t get stuck or injured
  • Keep all human food out of reach – whilst the food may not be dangerous, the wrapper may well be
  • Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent your pet from drinking harmful cleaning fluids


  • Ensure wires are organised and out of reach of pets where possible
  • Put away children’s toys and games to avoid pets ingesting something they shouldn’t
  • Remove ornaments until your puppy/kitten has the coordination not to knock them over
  • Move common house plants that may be poisonous out of reach. Check out our previous blog on items that are toxic to pets here to ensure you know what to look for.


  • Move all chemicals to high shelves or behind secure doors
  • Keep all sharp objects and tools out of reach


  • Keep any medications, lotions, or cosmetics off accessible surfaces and preferably in drawers
  • Move electrical and phone wires out of reach of chewing


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