How to - pick the right breed of cat?

Feline friends undoubtedly make fantastic companions and you all seem to agree, with over 7.5 million cats in the UK today! The important thing to remember though, is to make sure that if you are thinking about adding a four legged member to your family, that you select the right breed; a breed that will suit your lifestyle, your home and the needs of your family.

Having the wrong breed matched in the wrong household can likely cause unwanted behavioural issues. For example, having a high energy, high intelligence breed such as a Bengal, in a small high rise apartment with no outdoor space.

So, how do you make sure that you choose the right breed?


Looking for a cat that is laid back, can be kept as an indoor cat and happy to be around children? Then the above breeds may be the ones for you!

They do however require regular coat maintenance so the grooming efforts that come with these cats should not be underestimated.


The above breeds have some big personalities! They need lots of stimulation, both in a physical and in a mental capacity. They’re playful, energetic and super smart! Given this, they need lots of attention and don’t do well being left on their own for hours on end. So, if you are set on one of these breeds, two cats, preferably from the same litter, may be a more friendly option, simply to provide companionship.

Also, as you would expect, with their level of energy, it’s important that their home has lots of secure outside space to run around in!

When it comes to the grooming for these breeds, they are very low maintenance.


These breeds are much larger than your average pet cats, so, if you’re thinking of adding one to your household, you best have lots of indoor and outdoor space!

Small, city apartments are a no go but many can thrive within secure gardens. They love to climb, so trees are a plus and you may even wish to walk them on a lead.

Like some of the other breeds we have looked at, these cats are really high maintenance when it comes to their grooming needs so be sure to take this into consideration before committing.


Are you a social butterfly who wishes to have a cat who shares this personality? If so, then these breeds are perfect for you. They’re super playful and incredibly social.

As such, they need lots of stimulation in order to thrive. They love company and are very quick learners. They do well kept solely indoors as long as the right amount of stimulation and company is provided.


Last but by no means least, we could never exclude the trusty old moggie!

Most moggies are lap cats; they love a cuddle, love to be outdoors and can develop deep bonds with their pet parents.

Having said that, every cat’s personality will differ so it’s important to bear this in mind in deciding which cat to get and whether their access to the outdoors needs to be limited or not.

Depending on the cat’s history, e.g. did it come from a rescue centre? their temperament in regards to whether or not they like to be picked up, stroked or like to be in the company of other cats will vary greatly.

They can be the most loving companion with the right care, patience, love and understanding.

When it comes to grooming, moggies are low maintenance and tend to be tabby, tortoiseshell, black, white, grey and ginger.

Once you have your new addition, check out our blog on how to keep your cat happy and healthy!

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