How to - Keep your dog happy at Halloween!

Ghosts, ghouls and the paranormal aren’t the only things scary about Halloween. This time of year can be incredibly stressful and frightening for the dogs in our lives too; unexpected visitors at the door, unrecognisable figures and of course, the dreaded fireworks! Many of the dogs here at Norsh HQ suffer from increased anxiety in the run up to Halloween due to these factors, we’re sure your dogs are affected too and so, we’ve pulled together some useful tips and advice to help your pet get through the coming weeks a little bit more comfortably!

Daytime Walkies

If at all possible, try to get your dog out for their walk during daytime hours. We realise that due to work commitments etc and the darker winter nights fast approaching, that this is not always possible. If you can’t manage this, think about fun ways to engage and stimulate your dog in the safety of your home in the evening times.

Knock Knock

During any usual year, your doorbell would no doubt be ringing numerous times throughout the evening. However, with the current restrictions from the government, it is unlikely this year! However, in a more “normal” year, the best thing you can do to help your dog on this particular evening is to PLAN AHEAD! Pre-empt the knocks to the door and make sure you’re dog is kept occupied or otherwise distracted. Keeping them as far removed from the entrance to your home is preferable also.

If your dog is really worried by these visitors, the best option is to leave out some sweets in a box in the garden, put a sign on your gate highlighting that you have a nervous pooch, do not knock the door but to help yourself to some treats in the box!

Trick or Treat?

Please be careful with any chocolate or sweets around the house as they are most certainly not treats for your canine friend as many are toxic to them! Check out our previous blog to see what everyday items are potentially toxic to your dog.


Good behaviour is staying calm and responding to your cues and it should be rewarded, perhaps with a yummy Norsh treat! If your dog behaves badly on Halloween night, remember they are more than likely frightened at these strange happenings. Don’t tell them off, it often makes the situation worse.


Provide your pet with a safety bubble! This bubble could be their bed or their crate and acts as somewhere they can retreat to where they feel safe and they feel comfortable. The bubble should be well away from any windows as well as the front door.

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