100% Natural. We believe that high quality, natural nourishment is the key to a happy, healthy pet. We’ve been on a mission to improve pet nutrition using great freeze dried ingredients and innovative technology. Not only that but they're suitable for both cats AND dogs!

100% Natural Pet Treats

100% compostable pouches

100% recyclable packaging boxes

Our sustainability commitment
Pink Pouch of Norsh Natural Raw Freeze Dried Salmon Skin Twirls on a slate board

the benefits

We freeze-dry our treats to lock-in the 100% natural raw nourishment whilst making a shelf ready product. Ready anytime for your dog or cat to Norsh! The nutritious raw goodness in these bags makes our pet treats highly palatable and easier to digest.

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What pets (& people) think of Norsh

Human hand making a heart with a cat's tail - Norsh - Cats and their tails

Cats and their Tails

Did you know you can read your cat’s mood just by his tail? Indeed, it is so much more expressive than you ever may have believed.

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